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    NBAA 2014: MYGOFLIGHT to showcase latest advancements for integrating the iPad into the flight deck

    DENVER, October 16, 2014 – MyGoFlight, maker of premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots, will be showcasing four new products that significantly simplify and improve how pilots use their iPad or tablet in the cockpit of planes in their exhibit booth #4654 at NBAA 2014, taking place October 21-23 in Orlando, Florida.

    “The iPad and tablet computer have become universally adopted by pilots of all types – general aviation, corporate, commercial and military,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “Yet the cockpit was not designed with the device in mind. Our new products solve many of the challenges of how and where to mount the device, and how you can see and operate the screen.”

    Exhibit Highlights:

    • 1.FlexMounts™ – Flex mounts use an infinitely adjustable and positionable mounting system. For mounting any tablet or phone. Comes in FlexSuction for use on glass or other smooth surface and FlexYoke for use on the yoke. http://www.mygoflight.com/mounts/
    • 2.Sport Cradle™ – A universal cradle that will hold all major tablets and works with the FlexMount system. http://www.mygoflight.com/sport-universal-cradle/
    • 3.ArmorGlas™ – Tempered glass anti-glare screen protection for any iDevice. Reduce risk of shattering, minimize finger prints, and eliminates glare. http://www.mygoflight.com/armorglas-screen-protection/
    • 4.Flight Bag PLC Pro – 2015 Edition. Named #1 Flight Bag by Flying Magazine for Techies. Built from the ground up to provide easy access to all of your gear, provide padded protection for your iPad, EFB or laptop computer, and comes with a backpack or shoulder strap both. http://www.mygoflight.com/flight-bag-plc-pro/

    Product details and images to follow.


    • It is difficult to mount an iPad/tablet in the cockpit without blocking the view, controls or instruments. Mounts have historically been fixed length with limited adjustability. FlexMounts solve this problem. A single control knob allows you to flex the arm to any length and any position.

    FlexSuction – Mounts to glass or other smooth surface. Compacts to just 3.25” or extends to 13”. Available as FlexSuction, FlexSuctionEX, or FlexSuctionDouble.

    FlexYoke – Mounts to yoke arm. Allows for precise positioning of the iPad/tablet above or down in front of the yoke or anywhere in between. Available as FlexYoke or FlexYoke Beech.

    Phone Mount – FlexSuction & FlexYoke.

    New mounts for securing a phone to the glass or yoke of an airplane. Allows easy placement and in-flight rotation between portrait and landscape modes.


    Sport Cradle.

    Some pilots fly with a case on their iPad that they would like to leave on. Some pilots fly with a tablet either than an iPad. It is very difficult to mount a tablet in case or for a non-iPad to find a mounting solution. Not anymore.

    Introducing Sport Cradle. This universal cradle holds any tablet, in most cases and works with any MYGOFLIGHT SportMount including all of the new FlexMounts. Made from aluminum, the Sport Cradle allows the device to quickly be secured and easily rotated between portrait and landscape modes. 


    Glare. It is something that comes with using the iPad and avionics in the cockpit. We want to see the screen, not a reflection. Protection. We want to protect the delicate screen from scratches and from shattering. We also do not want it to look like we have anything on the device at all.

    Introducing ArmorGlas. Nothing protects your iPad or avionics screen better than real tempered glass, especially when it is super hard, smudge resistant and shatter resistant. Available in Anti-Glare and Crystal Clear. For iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone/iPod Touch. Looks like nothing on there at all.


    MYGOFLIGHT builds iPad and tablet gear for pilots. MYGOFLIGHT’s cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories are well-made and make using the iPad or tablet in the cockpit safer, easier, and secure. MYGOFLIGHT products help pilots more effectively integrate their device seamlessly into the flight deck. All professional grade. All built to last. MyGoFlight’s modern flight bags are the first designed to protect the iPad or tablet and make storing and accessing gear simple. MyGoFlight products are highly functional and cool. Perfect for the airplane and everyday use.

    For more information, visit www.mygoflight.com. To contact MyGoFlight, send an email to info@mygoflight.com or call 303.364.7400.

    MyGoFlight is recognized in the industry as the premium supplier of aviation gear and accessories. Offering a range of high-quality aircraft mounting systems, flight bags, anti-glare screen protectors, pilot kneeboards, and tailored iPad solutions, MyGoFlight is dedicated to enhancing the flying experience for both professional aviators and flying enthusiasts. MyGoFlight's selection of portable power solutions are designed to ensure pilots stay connected and powered throughout their journeys. Blending cutting-edge technology with sleek design, the selection at MyGoFlight promises unmatched organization, convenience, and style for every pilot's aviation ventures. Explore the offerings and elevate your flying experience with MyGoFlight.



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