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    Problems Solved

    Can't charge iPad Pro? ONLY USB C Charger accessory to charge it.Click here.

    Can't see kneeboard screen? ONLY Max Tilt Up Kneeboard Mount - now you see it. Rock solid, maximum tilt.Click here.

    Want Permanent Mount? Meet the collection of Bolted Mounts. Click here.

    iPad overheating in sun? Cool Case prevents it with no batteries required. Click here.

    Where to mount Apple Pencil? This is a magnetic base to mount your Apple Pencil anywhere. Click here.

    Trouble getting the right viewing angle on your iPad at a desk? Check out this convenient and portable stand. Click here.

    Wish you could have a USB charger that is never obsolete? Check out Infinity Power. Click here.

    The last USB Charger You Will Ever Install. Ever.


    Meet our newly released line of USB chargers that are the only two-part panel mount power solution that solves the problem of USB charger quick obsolescence. USB technology has changed in form, factor and power levels more than 5 times in the last 10 years. With Infinity Power, you no longer have to worry about the cost and effort to stay current

    The first ever iPad Leg Mount built with a rock solid, comfortable platform to mount your iPad & position it with max tilt.

    Leg Mount

    The Ultimate Kneeboard. Now you can tilt and position the iPad or iPad Mini where it's easily seen & operated. It's like adding an additional screen to your cockpit. Maintain full visibility of panel information and controls. Rock solid, comfortable, comes with magnetic latch leg straps.

    Meet BOLTED. The most secure mounts EVER!


    Mounts to be installed permanently or semi-permanently. Choose from Bolted versions with the infinitely adjustable Flex arm or the Tilt-And-Swivel. Permanent or Quick-Release. Explore the collection.

    Introducing the only accessory charger on the market to draw enough power to charge the iPad Pro 11 with USB C with PD.

    Dual Digital USB Charger

    Our latest charger benefits from its predecessor, the Dual Micro Charger in bringing forward the latest in reliable, safe, rugged USB cigarette lighter power. No more guessing, the large, readable digital (blue) display shows both volts and amps drawn from each port. Exceptional quality and durability. High grade aluminum, sleek design and fast. Supports USB-A and USB-C.

    iPad Overheat? Our Powered by iPad case is the only one that allows your iPad to run in direct sun. No batteries required.

    iPad Cool Case

    All pilots are familiar with their iPad shutting off within 10 minutes due to hot temperatures.
    MyGoFlight has solved this problem by creating the iPad Cool Case. Uses GPU/CPU thermal blowing technology. No extra bulky batteries required, super light, minimal weight, ultra sleek design, and quiet. And best of all, it's compatible with all MyGoFlight mounts.

    Now you can PREORDER the iPad Cooling Kneeboard/Mountable Case for the iPad Mini 6! Expected Q2 2022

    iPad Mini 6 Cool Case

    Sleek and lightweight, the all new iPad Mini 6 cooling kneeboard/mountable case is the perfect solution to keep your new device from overheating. Preorder yours today!

    Fly with the Apple Pencil? Here is how to mount it.

    Apple Pencil Mount

    My only problem flying with the Apple Pencil was where to put it when I was not using it that was super convenient. Solution: Apple Pencil Mount.

    Convenient and portable desktop stand for your iPad or Tablet.

    iPad/Tablet Desktop Stand

    The most convenient desktop stand for your iPad, tablet or smart phone. Foldable, portable and light-weight. Hands free design with strong friction hinges for easy and reliable adjustability.