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    Garmin aera 760 GPS


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    Large-screen GPS with WiFi, AHRS, and full instrument approaches

    This is the GPS pilots have been waiting for. The rugged aera 760 is made just for the cockpit, with a vivid touchscreen, digital charts, panel avionics connectivity, a built-in AHRS, and even WiFi for preflight weather briefings. It’s like having an iPad and a GTN 750 in one.

    A screen made for pilots. The aera 760’s stunning 7” screen is truly sunlight-readable, with minimal glare and bright map colors optimized for aviation. It works in portrait or landscape format, so it’s easy to fit on your lap, yoke, or even in the panel. The responsive touchscreen has familiar shortcuts like pinch zoom and touch panning for intuitive operation.

    Full IFR procedures. Garmin’s powerful flight plan and procedure tools come to a portable GPS with the aera 760. Enter a departure and destination airport, then add IFR airways, instrument approaches, SIDs, or STARs. Of course, direct-to navigation is always one touch away for quick changes in flight. (Not approved for primary IFR navigation)

    Complete digital charts. No need for paper charts or an iPad. You can view sectionals and IFR high/low enroute charts for the US, Canada, and Europe. Use it to plan your trip or navigate in flight.

    Built-in WiFi. This GPS isn’t just for the airplane. With built-in WiFi you can connect to the FBO network and review preflight weather, from radar to METARs to AIRMETs. You can also download databases, and Garmin’s single annual subscription makes it easy to stay updated. Single updates cost $39.95 and annual subscriptions start at $169.95.

    Industry-leading traffic.When connected to an ADS-B receiver (like the portable GDL 50/52 or GTX 345 transponder) the aera 760 shows Garmin’s famous next-generation traffic display. TargetTrend shows closure rates and relative trajectories, while TerminalTraffic offers traffic alerts even on the ground.

    Synthetic Vision. Use the built-in AHRS or connect to a portable GDL device and you can even view backup attitude. The synthetic vision display shows color-coded terrain and obstacles, plus real-time pitch and bank information. This makes the aera 760 a complete backup tool.

    WireAware. Avoiding mountains and towers isn’t always enough. For helicopter pilots in particular, the display of Hazardous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines on the map can be a real safety enhancement. Is there a wire across that valley? Now you’ll know.

    Fuel prices. Find the perfect fuel stop by selecting the fuel price layer on the moving map. Or review the prices, along with detailed facility information, on the airport directory page.

    EFB tools. More than just a GPS, the aera 760 is a complete aviation reference. It includes geo-referenced charts, a PDF viewer, an interactive E6B computer, a weight and balance calculator, and even a digital logbook. It’s your all-in-one cockpit companion.

    Totally wireless. The aera 760 is an ideal backup device, with a built-in 4-hour battery and both GPS and GLONASS receivers. In an emergency, it can guide you to the nearest airport with no external connections.

    Avionics connectivity

    The aera 760 is made to work with a wide variety of Garmin avionics. Get in-flight weather, traffic, and attitude information, or share frequencies and flight plans.

    • Portable avionics: works with Garmin GDL 50 (ADS-B receiver), GDL 51 (SiriusXM receiver), and GDL 52 (ADS-B and SiriusXM), as well as older GDL 39 series portables. Limit of one Bluetooth connection at a time.
    • Panel avionics: receive ADS-B weather and traffic when paired with a GTX 345 ADS-B transponder or GNX 375 navigator; find and upload frequencies to a GTR 200/225 radio (requires optional power/data cable); send VFR guidance to G3X and GFC 500 autopilots; upload/download flight plans wirelessly to FlightStream 210/510.

    In the box:

    • aera 760 GPS
    • Mounting cradle with cigarette lighter plug
    • USB-C charging cable
    • AC adapter
    • Quick start guide


    • Screen size: 7" diagonal
    • Display resolution: 480 x 800, portrait or landscape orientation
    • Overall dimensions: 4.85"h x 7.29"w x 0.91"d
    • Weight: 19.8 oz.
    • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
    • Battery life: 4-5 hours
    • Voltage range: 10-35
    • Connector: USB-C
    • Expandable memory: yes (microSD card)