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About MYGOFLIGHT MYGOFLIGHT builds the leading iPad and tablet gear for pilots. MYGOFLIGHT’s cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories are well-made and make using the iPad or tablet in the cockpit safer, easier, and secure. MYGOFLIGHT products help pilots more effectively integrate their device seamlessly into the flight deck. All professional grade. All built to last. MYGOFLIGHT’s modern flight bags are the first designed to protect the iPad or tablet and make storing and accessing gear simple. MYGOFLIGHT products are highly functional and cool. Perfect for the airplane and everyday use. Focused on the iPad In Motion in the air, on the road, on the water, at home, at school and every where the iPad is being used in life. MyGoFlight prides itself on the manufacture and marketing of products for using the iPad safely and securely in many of the pursuits of active people. From pilots, to drivers, to boaters, to musicians, MyGoFlight provides products and accessories to make greater use of the iPad in an activel lifestyle. MyGoFlight's initial focus was on meeting the needs of aviators for the use of the iPad in-flight in the cockpit of airplanes. Having met these very demanding requirements, we now bring the same precision products to meet the needs of people in many other disciplines. We are known to provide high quality and cool looking products that deliver function and form both. We are also known for providing high level of customer service and very prompt response. “The iPad is increasingly being used by helicopter pilots,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “Yet their cockpit was not designed with the device in mind. Our products solve many of the challenges of how and where to mount the device, and how you can see and operate the screen in such a bright and vibrating environment. MYGOFLIGHT’s cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories are high quality and make using the iPad in the cockpit safer, easier, and secure. All professional grade. All built to last. Perfect for the airplane, helicopter, and everyday use. MYGOFLIGHT products work together to create the Connected Flight™ flight deck. The mounts and kneeboards keep the iPad/Tablet secured and operable during flight. ArmorGlas™ pure glass screen protectors eliminate glare. The DualMicro 12-28V Charger keeps all devices powered. All that gear can be safely transported inside the MYGOFLIGHT Flight Bag PLC Pro, named the #1 Flight Bag by FLYING Magazine.