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    has this happened to you?
    keep your ipad™ cool without a bulky case or batteries

    Powered by iPad™, No Batteries

    If you are a pilot, you understand the headaches of the harsh direct sunlight that will cause your iPad to shut down in just 10 minutes.  MYGOFLIGHT, dedicated to making premium products to make flying safer, has revolutionized a sleek, lightweight COOL CASE designed to lower the temperature and prevent overheating.  It’s the only case that uses advanced technology to power itself.  What does this mean?  No extra batteries are required!  Whether you’re flying, working outside, or at the beach on a hot summer day, MYGOFLIGHT’S COOL CASE is the best choice to keep your iPad powered and cool.




    "It works as advertised and dramatically cools my iPad"

    Rich Pickett

    • Charles Schneider


    "This is a next-gen technology solution for using an iPad in direct sun, high temp, and outdoor situations"

    “This is a next-gen technology solution for using an iPad in direct sun, high temp, and outdoor situations. Heat and direct sun have been the Achilles heel of the iPad, and we have solved this problem with our very innovative and high tech iPad Cool Case.”

    • Dominic Martinez

      President, MYGOFLIGHT 

    "Easy to use, reliable, and not require additional batteries"

    “For years, our customers have been asking us to develop a case that is not only protective, but looks good, capable, and does the job of allowing the iPad to work in direct sun. We created a sophisticated solution to make it easy to use, reliable, and not require additional batteries. Our case is sleek and cool and works with all of our mounting systems”

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    Powered by iPad™

    No Batteries Needed

    The COOL CASE uses the iPad’s battery itself to drive a very advanced GPU/CPU thermal blower, run apps, and does so for 3+ hours in direct sun. 

    GPU/CPU Thermal Blower Technology

    Powerful, next-gen technology that can keep your iPad cool, even in direct sun light. Our efficient design means less bulk, less weight and less noise.

    Compatible with All MYGOFLIGHT Mounts

    Seamless integration with MYGOFLIGHT mounts. Aviation quality design is our standard.


    • Powered by iPad™, no batteries needed

    • GPU/CPU thermal blower technology

    • Cool, sleek & lightweight design

    • Compatible with all MYGOFLIGHT mounts

    • Compatible with ArmorGlas by MYGOFLIGHT      

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