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    Pilot Report

    "It works as advertised and dramatically cools my iPad" - Rich Pickett, Twin & Turbine Magazine

    Ultra Lightweight

    MYGOFLIGHT has revolutionized a sleek, lightweight COOLCASE designed to lower the temperature and prevent overheating.

    Powered By iPad or USB-C

    Connect the supplied USB-C cable from the COOLCASE to the iPad. Then, power the fan by:

    (1) The iPad's battery itself. A fully charged iPad can power the fan and run apps for 3-5+ hours in direct sun. Power - iPad to fan.


    (2) USB-C power source. Plug a USB-C cable into the COOLCASE and it will power the fan and charge the iPad both. Power - USB-C TO fan AND iPad.

    The choice is yours! No batteries.

    Advanced CPU Cooling Technology

    Powerful, next-gen blower technology used to cool gaming CPUs is utilized to keep your iPad cool, even in direct sunlight. Our efficient design means less bulk, less weight and almost no noise.

    Compatible With All MyGoFlight Mounts

    Seamless integration with MyGoFlight mounts. Aviation quality design is our standard.



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