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    My Mount Maker

    Product Description

    With all of the various ways you can mount an iPad, Tablet, Phone, Camera, or GPS, MYGOFLIGHT aims to simplify the process. Introducing our “My Mount Maker” feature to help you figure out the best option for mounting your electronic device.  Now you have the ability to pick your starting point, which could be by: 

    • Mount To – Where do you want to mount the device to – glass, panel, etc.
    • Mount Type – What type of mount are you looking for – suction cup, clamp, etc.
    • Aircraft Specific – Specially designed mounts for specific aircraft applications – Gulfstream, Beechcraft, Robinson, etc.
    • Vehicle – Mounts that work in cars and trucks
    • Bike – Mounts that work with bikes and motorcycles

    We know it’s not always that easy, take for example, specialty mounts designed for specific aircraft or vehicles and have many other possible uses.  As you begin building your mount, there are various terms we use to describe products.  See the sections below for more details.

    Our goal is to help you find exactly what you need as easily as possible and guide you through the process.  If you have any questions, please send us an email.We are always here to help!

    Mount Base

    Mount Base – the part that attaches the mount to a surface:

    Suction Cup – The Suction Cup models adhere to glass, plexiglass, or any smooth surface such as windows, windscreens, and the like. These come in single cup, double cup, and super holding styles.

    Clamp – The Clamp models are designed to grip to things such as yokes, pipes, tubes, struts, or spars. They come in various sizes to grip a variety of different-sized parts.

    Clamp Collar – The Clamp Collars models go around round tubes. They come in various sizes to accommodate different diameter tubes.

    Bolted – The Bolted models allow mounts to be secured directly to any strong surface. These come in two versions – standard (bolts into place) and quick release (where the mount arm can be quickly removed). They also come in a slide version that will allow more than one device to be secured, such as an iPad and a phone.

    AMPs Pattern – All Bolted models utilize the standard AMPs pattern for their bolt hole pattern. This allows the use of existing AMPs pattern mounting locations without the need to drill new holes.

    Mount Arm

    Mount Arm – the part that connects the Mount Base to the Device Holder:

    Flex– The Flex Arm is an all-aluminum constructed infinitely positional arm that can be made to be any length and tilt & swivel into any position. There are no plastic or rubber parts. All positioning locks down from a single knob in the center of the arm. Once locked down, it cannot move or vibrate. Flex connects a mount base (suction cup, clamp, etc.) to the Sport Adapter that connects the arm to any of our device cases or cradles. Used when there is available space to allow for precise positioning for the device to be seen.

    Compact – The Compact arm is an all-aluminum constructed component that contains the Sport Adapter connected directly to it. It provides infinite tilt & swivel capabilities in a compact length. Used when space is an issue and placement requires moderate positioning.

    Device Holder

    Device Holder – the part that holds the device and connects it to the Mount Arm or Strap:

    iPad Sport Case – iPad-specific form fit cases that provide protection for the iPad and connect to the Sport Adapter on the Mount Arm. Used as mountable case or kneeboard.

    iPad Sport Cool Case – iPad-specific Sport Case that adds cooling to allow the iPad to run in direct sun. Used as a mountable case or kneeboard.

    iPad/Tablet Universal Cradle – Hold any iPad or tablet device and secure it to any mount. Future proof allows use as tablet models change.

    Phone Cradle – Hold any phone and secure it to any mount.

    ADSB Cradle – Hold any ADSB receiver and secure it to any mount.

    Device Adapter

    Device Adapter – the part that will adapt various products to a MYGOFLIGHT mount system:

    GPS Adapter – Add an adapter that will allow the MYGOFLIGHT Sport Adapter to connect to it for use on any MYGOFLIGHT mount.

    AMPs Pattern Device Adapter – For those electronic devices with the AMPs pattern on it, add an adapter that will allow the MYGOFLIGHT Sport Adapter to connect to it for use on any MYGOFLIGHT mount.

    GoPro/VIRB Adapter – Add an adapter that will allow the MYGOFLIGHT Sport Adapter to connect it for use on any MYGOFLIGHT mount.

    X-Naut Adapter – Add an adapter that will allow the MYGOFLIGHT Sport Adapter to connect it for use on any MYGOFLIGHT mount.

    RAM Mount Adapter – Add an adapter that will allow connection to a RAM Mount arm/rubber ball so that a MYGOFLIGHT Device Holder can be used.

    MyGoFlight is recognized in the industry as the premium supplier of aviation gear and accessories. Offering a range of high-quality aircraft mounting systems, flight bags, anti-glare screen protectors, pilot kneeboards, and tailored iPad solutions, MyGoFlight is dedicated to enhancing the flying experience for both professional aviators and flying enthusiasts. MyGoFlight's selection of portable power solutions are designed to ensure pilots stay connected and powered throughout their journeys. Blending cutting-edge technology with sleek design, the selection at MyGoFlight promises unmatched organization, convenience, and style for every pilot's aviation ventures. Explore the offerings and elevate your flying experience with MyGoFlight.



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