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    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Aviation iPad Mounts for Pilots



    In the ever-evolving world of aviation, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing pilot efficiency and safety. One such technological advancement is the integration of iPads into the cockpit. To ensure optimal use of these devices, selecting the right iPad mount is crucial. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of aviation iPad mounts.

    Understanding Aviation iPad Mounts

    What Are Aviation iPad Mounts?

    Aviation iPad mounts are specialized holders designed to securely attach an iPad within the cockpit. These mounts provide pilots with easy access to their iPads for navigation, communication, and information management.

    Importance of iPad Mounts for Pilots

    The use of iPads in aviation has revolutionized how pilots interact with flight information. iPad mounts offer stability, safety, and convenience, allowing pilots to focus on flying without worrying about device security.

    Types of MyGoFlight iPad Mounts

    Single Leg Kneeboards

    MyGoFlight's single leg kneeboards strap onto the pilot's leg, offering a stable platform for the iPad. This type is beneficial for pilots who prefer keeping their iPad within arm's reach.

    Flex Suction Mounts

    Flex suction mounts can be attached to any smooth surface within the cockpit, providing flexibility in positioning the iPad.

    Flex Yoke Mounts

    Yoke mounts attach to the aircraft's yoke, placing the iPad directly in front of the pilot. This type is ideal for smaller aircraft where space is limited.

    Flex Panel Mounts

    Panel mounts integrate the iPad directly into the cockpit panel, offering a more permanent and professional setup.

    Features of MyGoFlight iPad Mounts

    Compatibility with iPad Models

    MyGoFlight mounts are designed to be compatible with a wide range of iPad models, considering size and weight.

    Ease of Installation

    MyGoFlight offers a variety of aircraft mounts for different types of aircraft


    MyGoFlight mounts offer multiple angles and positions for optimal viewing and accessibility.

    Durability and Build Quality

    MyGoFlight mounts are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of aviation environments.

    Stability and Security

    MyGoFlight mounts provide a secure hold on the iPad, preventing any movement or vibrations during flight.

    Benefits of Using MyGoFlight iPad Mounts

    Enhanced Safety

    A secure mount reduces the risk of the iPad becoming a distraction or hazard during critical flight moments.

    Improved Accessibility

    Mounts allow for hands-free operation, giving pilots quick and easy access to essential flight information.

    Increased Efficiency

    With the iPad in a stable position, pilots can efficiently use navigation apps, checklists, and other tools without interruption.

    Popular MyGoFlight iPad Mounts

    MyGoFlight Flex Suction Mount Kit

    The Flex Suction Mount Kit provides a versatile and reliable solution for mounting an iPad to any smooth surface in the cockpit.

    MyGoFlight Tablet/Leg Mount

    The iPad Tablet/Leg Mount can tilt and position the iPad where it is easily seen & operated, while offering a secure and convenient way to keep the iPad within reach by strapping it to the pilot's leg.

    MyGoFlight Flex Panel Mount

    The Flex Panel Mount integrates the iPad into the cockpit panel, providing a professional and stable mounting solution.

    How to Install a MyGoFlight iPad Mount in Your Cockpit

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Identify the Mounting Location: Choose a suitable spot in the cockpit where the iPad will be easily accessible.
    2. Prepare the Surface: Clean the surface to ensure a secure attachment for suction cup mounts.
    3. Attach the Mount: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for attaching the mount to the chosen location.
    4. Secure the iPad: Place the iPad in the mount and adjust it for optimal viewing.


    Tips for Maintaining Your MyGoFlight iPad Mount

    Regular Inspections

    Periodically check the mount for any signs of wear or damage.


    Keep the mount clean to ensure it maintains a strong grip on the iPad.

    Tightening Adjustments

    Regularly tighten any adjustable components to prevent loosening over time.

    Common Issues with iPad Mounts and How to Fix Them

    Loose Mounts

    Ensure all screws and clamps are tightened securely.

    Installation Difficulties

    Refer to the manufacturer's instructions or contact MyGoFlight for complex installations.


    What is the best type of MyGoFlight iPad mount for small aircraft?

    The Flex Yoke Mount and Flex Suction Mount are popular choices for small aircraft due to their ease of installation and adjustability.

    Can I use any MyGoFlight mount in my cockpit?

    MyGoFlight mounts are specifically designed for aviation use, ensuring safety and reliability in the cockpit.

    How do I know if a MyGoFlight iPad mount is compatible with my iPad model?

    Check the specifications provided by MyGoFlight to ensure compatibility with your iPad model.

    Are there any regulations regarding the use of iPad mounts in aircraft?

    While there are no specific regulations, it's important to follow FAA guidelines and ensure the mount does not obstruct critical controls or instruments.

    Can I use a MyGoFlight iPad mount with a case on my iPad?

    All MyGoFlight mounts are adjustable and can accommodate iPads with cases, but it's best to check the mount's specifications.

    What should I do if my MyGoFlight iPad mount keeps coming loose?


    Choosing the right iPad mount is essential for pilots who rely on their devices for navigation, communication, and information management. MyGoFlight offers a range of high-quality, reliable, and versatile iPad mounts tailored to meet the needs of pilots. By considering factors such as compatibility, ease of installation, adjustability, and durability, pilots can find the perfect MyGoFlight mount to enhance their flying experience. Whether you opt for a yoke mount, suction cup mount, kneeboard mount, panel mount, the key is to ensure that your iPad remains secure and easily accessible throughout your flight.

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