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    Dual Digital USB Charger


    As pilots know, not just any charger will work in an airplane. MyGoFlight developed the first charger for use in aviation which was incredibly successful. To raise the bar, we have now created the Dual Digital with a display that shows volts in and amps drawn by each port. No guessing! Further, it supports USB A & USB C and carries 36W of quick charging power - enough to charge the iPad 11 while in use!

    Accessory socket is required, may not fit older cigarette lighter only ports/receptacle.

    Key features:

    • The only USB Charger to exceed power consumption for iPad Pro 11" Gen 1 & 2/Air 4 10.9". iPad will charge while running aviation apps
    • USB A: QC 3.0 Quick Charge Port - DC 3.6V-6V 3A | 6V-9V 2A | 9V-12V 1.5A 18W (Max)
    • USB C: PD Quick Charge Port -  DC 5V 3A | 9V 2.25A | 12V 1.5A 18W (Max)
    • Displays Volts In, Amps Out for each port
    • 36W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
    • 12-32V Input
    • Aviation Grade All Aluminum Construction
    • NO Radio Interference

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    James Duino
    Great Dual USB Charger

    I was one that purchased a pair of your Dual Digital USB Chargers before they were officially released for sale. I really like these units, the display and its clarity, and the ability to charge two high current devices at the same time. A great little charger, and very ruggedly built compared to the non-branded ones I typically find (and I like that this unit is RF quiet). I use them in one of my vehicles (makes a great charge state and battery monitor when not in use) and in a 12V power supply I have in my office. I like them so much I just ordered a third, for my other vehicle. Thanks for such a versatile charger.

    John Epley

    I like it!

    Use in multiple Aircraft

    I have to agree with James' review, titled "excellent if it fits". I am a ferry pilot and bought this to replace an old Sportys unit that didn't meet my power demands for a new iPad Mini 6 and the notoriously power-hungry Garmin GDL 52. More than enough juice for everything and the Garmin actually can by fully recharged while in use. Amazing.

    However, the charger's fit into a variety of sockets is tenuous at best. I constantly find myself re-seating the unit in some sockets where even a light stress on one of the cords will cause the charger to unseat and disconnect. The base connector is a cone with a fairly pointy tip, and I suspect it needs a bit more surface area on that tip, and maybe a softer spring to keep it in contact. Or James might be correct in his assessment of the issue which blames the side contacts for being too far up the shaft.

    Bottom line is that when it is properly connected, it is outstanding for high demand devices, but I have to keep monitoring to be sure it is still connected properly in most planes.

    Excellent when it fits

    When inserted into a deep enough power socket, this charge adapter is great. It provides all the power you would need for two devices. However, I have found that it does not stay put in every socket. Some, it works just fine. Some, it will occasionally pop out and have to be reset. Many sockets it will not stay in at all, and is completely unusable in those aircraft. I suspect the problem to be a combination of too strong of a spring on the power contact (the tip), and the ground terminals (the two metal bits on the sides) being too far up the shaft. I have tried this in many aircraft and even my car, and it doesn't fit annoyingly often.

    David McVinnie
    Just got it

    Just got it and SUPER impressed with the quality and readability. And the fantastic customer support.

    Home Run!

    Customer Reviews

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