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    Sport - Phone Cradle

    Product Description

    The Sport - Phone Cradle is designed to work with almost any smartphone, with or without a case. As a mountable, it connects and easily rotates when paired with MyGoFlight Sport Mounts. The arms of the cradle are adjustable via the adjustable knob making it easy to insert and remove your phone securely, and come with a set of longer clips to accommodate thick cases.

    Min Width = 2.25" | Max Width = 4" 

    Mounts Sold Separately


    • Cockpit Ready
    • 360° Rotation
    • Quick Connect
    • Sport Mount Compatible

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Paul Shirley
    1 week / 1 trip review

    My first opportunity to try this new mount was in a car. Riding as a passenger, I attached the mount low on the windshield and used my older iPad mount on the new flex arm.

    Initially, I was having difficulty attaching the iPad holder to the sport mount receiver - after a few attempts I realized that I was not pressing hard enough to join the two devices. I'm sure that time will make this step easier.

    My second concern is the rigidity of the mount with an iPad-mini sized mass on the end of the long arm extended almost all the way. I noticed some gentle wobble in the arm and as we moved along the typical Florida highway and encountered construction the bumps made for some annoying wobbles. Upon inspection of the glass mount, I realized that it could be attached more firmly, so after a few minutes I was able to have the mount very firmly attached. The wobbles reduced significantly. I then moved the mount to the passenger window and folded the elbow and was able to completely remove all wobbles! So placement and attention to attachment and tightness of the adjustable features made a significant improvement and I was totally satisfied with the result.

    The iPhone mount was hands-down the best mount I've ever seen to firmly grip my iPhone. Easily utilized, the mount immediately gives you the feeling that the phone is most definitely secure. The packaging was also quite intelligent. It featured a ruler and min/max limits marked right on the ruler so in a retail setting the user's phone is held against the package for immediate confirmation that the mount will accommodate the phone's dimensions. Brilliant!

    I absolutely love this mounting system. The modular design gives me complete flexibility in what device I choose to use. Thanks for making this product so great!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

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