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    iPad Pro 9.7 - Kneeboard/Mountable Case

    Product Description

    The iPad Kneeboard/Mountable Case is an excellent choice for pilots seeking a versatile iPad case that can be secured to the leg or mounted. It's compatible with the iPad (9.7"), iPad Pro 9.7, and iPad Air 1/2. Constructed from black, smooth polycarbonate, it provides superior protection and a comfortable feel. Ideal for all aircraft types, this case allows pilots to easily transition their iPad usage from the air to the office and home.

    Mounts Sold Separately


    • Cockpit Ready
    • Quick Connect
    • 360° Rotation
    • Sport Mount Compatible
    • Smart Cover Compatible

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Decent case / expensive

    Let me start with I’m a huge MGF fan. I have two mounts in my Saratoga (yoke and panel) and have tons of versatility with them. I bought this case for my pro 9.7 and it has worked very well for a while. My sole complaint with the case is the value. The small corners are not very tough and after some moderate use including a few bumps here and there I have two corners broken off and the other two are cracked. They’re just not very tough. I realize there’s a compromise between bulk and protection but I believe this case should be a little better protected on the corners or at least priced relative to that quality.

    The relatively high price for the mounts themselves is worth every penny for the design and functionality. The case, however, is a $40-$50 case that’s sold for considerably more because of the proprietary mount on the back. Now I’m faced with buying another case or using some Velcro to hold my iPad in the busted case. For $124 I’m leaning towards the Velcro for now.

    Again, love MGF and will never go back to RAM crap but I feel this is one particular product where the quality doesn’t necessarily match the price.

    I’ve had several iPads with lifeproof, otter box and other cases. This is one of the most fragile ones I’ve used.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

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