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    iPad Sport Cool Case - iPad Cooling Kneeboard/Mountable Case for iPad Mini 6

    Product Description

     Introducing the iPad Sport Cool Case. As the iPad has gotten thinner and is equipped with a more powerful processor and larger battery, it runs hotter. And, no matter the temperature in or outside the cockpit, direct sunlight on the screen of the iPad will cause it to overheat in about ten minutes. We’ve solved these problems.

    The iPad Sport Cool Case is the first iPad case to add high-end gaming laptop cooling technology engineered to provide maximum airflow with minimum noise.

    The iPad Cool Case is powered by USB-C. Connect the supplied USB-C cable to Lightning from the Cool Case to the iPad. Then, power the fan & iPad by a USB power source.

    USB-C power source. Plug a USB-C cable into the Cool Case and it will power the fan and charge the iPad. Power - USB-C TO fan AND iPad.

    The iPad Cool Case is ultra lightweight, thin, cool, and sleek.

    The iPad Sport Cool Case can be used either as a mountable case or kneeboard and can be used in direct sun. Used in cockpits of planes, trucks and cars and outside when flying a drone or at the beach.

    Notable Updates

    Material: Super-strong, lightweight ABS polymer that has a beautiful soft-touch feel that also reduces slippage on smooth surfaces.
    Full-Body Protection: With a full front cover included and wrap-around corners, the case ensures you're covered on all sides.
    Apple Pencil Ready: Apple Pencil holder built-in to every Sport Case & Cool Case.
    Thin Strap Rails: This case is made with thinner strap rails to prevent slipping on the strap.

    Key features of the iPad Sport Cool Case for iPad cooling are:

    • Ultra Lightweight
    • Powered by USB-C cable
    • Advanced CPU Cooling Technology
    • Compatible with all MYGOFLIGHT Mounts**
    • Compatible with ArmorGlas by MYGOFLIGHT
    • Great Everyday Case

    ** Mounts Sold Separately


    Everything You Need To Know About the iPad Sport Cool Case:

    • GPU/CPU Thermal Blower Technology. Utilizing a single asymmetrical, high pressure cooling fan, air is drawn in from outside and blown across the back of the iPad to cool it. The hot air is expelled through six exhaust ports on the top of the case.
      1. Maximum Airflow. Thin polymer blades allow for more blades to be used and reduce blade flex, both contribute to maximum airflow.
      2. Low noise. Sculpted blade design coupled with a high-end brushless motor provides for maximum efficiency with the least amount of noise.
      3. Low power consumption. Efficient motor design operates on 5v.
    • Powered by USB-C Power Source. A power cord connected to the USB C port on the case runs the Thermal Blower and charges the iPad.. 
    • Power the iPad. Power can be applied to the case directly which will charge the iPad and power the Thermal Blower both.
    • Mountable & Kneeboard both. As with all iPad Sport cases, this case comes a 360 degree mount attachment built in and a leg strap so that the case can be used as a kneeboard too.
    • Compatible with all MYGOFLIGHT mounts. No extra parts required to be added to adapt this case to a MYGOFLIGHT mount. A RAM adapter is available to adapt the case to existing RAM mounts if desired.
    • Compatible with ArmorGlas by MYGOFLIGHT. When the iPad is in the sun or a bright cockpit, reflection can make it unreadable. ArmorGlas Anti-Glare glass solves this problem. It will protect the screen of the iPad too.
    • Great Everyday Case. New, good looking, sleek case design. Perfect for the airplane. Perfect for everyday use too.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Good product, but pricey

    About a year ago, I reluctantly switched from an Android tablet to a iPad Mini 6. I use Garmin Pilot app, which is significantly better in iOS form, but that's another story altogether.
    With my new Mini 6, I immediately started having overheating problems in the hot Texas summers. I shopped at Oshkosh 2022 for a solution and bought a MYGOFLIGHT cooling case with a yoke clamp mount. Very pricey, but this has solved my overheating problem.
    What I did not like is the cheesy USB-C jumper between the cooling case and the iPad charge input. The supplied flat cord was twice as long as necessary and hung out about 3 inches below the case. I opted for a Y adapter USB-C charge cord available on Amazon. This makes a very tidy install. MYGOFLIGHT should provide this as an option.
    Also, the case makes pressing the power button and volume DOWN button to turn off the iPad a little difficult. The case could be cut back a little to allow easier access to these important buttons.

    Game changer

    This case does everything that I’ve ever wanted a case to do. It’s supports and protects the iPad without getting in the way. All corners and edges of the screen are accessible, all the buttons are directly accessible, all ports are open and free. The cooling feature is very effective. I have never had an overheating problem since I got this case. It snaps right into my previous mounts like they were made for each other. Actually, I think they were.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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