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    HUD Overview

    Operational Capabilities

    • Safer Take-offs
      Rotate exactly at rotation speed for maximum obstacle clearance and runway remaining
    • Smoother Hand Flying
      Ability to maintain altitude and precision turns by looking outside and seeing position information at the same time
    • Minimize Loss-of-Control
      Alignment of critical flight information with pilot's outside view enhances situational awareness and aids in the transition from IMC to VMC and inadvertent VMC to IMC
    • Safer Approach/Precision Approach
      Flight path marker with the flight director cue makes hand flying an approach intuitive, easier, smoother and safer. Major reduction in workload, critical in single pilot and/or IMC operations
    • More Comfort
      Gone is spatial disorientation, vertigo and nausea from up/down/up head movement to retrieve information while experiencing g-forces in climb out
    • Visibility in Smoke/Backup Display
      Provides avionics visibility in a smoke filled cockpit or when a display fails

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