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    Because flying with a HUD is SAFER. Period.

    A non-instrument rated pilot flew an aircraft he had never flown before equipped with the MGF SKYDISPLAY™ HUD. Using the HUD, he flew the plane perfectly for two hours; precise takeoff at rotation speed, perfect climb out, held level flight with precision turns and landing. All by hand. Amazing...

    This story is consistent with the findings of experienced HUD pilots and the study conducted by Flight Safety on the use of HUDs in aviation. All conclude the same thing - HUDs make flying safer.

    The SKYDISPLAY™ HUD aligns critical flight information with a pilot’s outside view. It provides head-up guidance cues based on the information contained in the aircraft’s primary flight instruments. With the next generation of display technologies, a small footprint has been achieved allowing a HUD to fit into many cockpits that before were not an option. A HUD raises the proficiency of all pilots in all conditions and phases of flight. HUDs make flying safer. 

    Critical flight information from the aircraft's flight deck display Head-Up. Flight path, Flight Director Cue, Aircraft Energy, Altitude, Speed and other safety features all visible as the pilot looks outside.


    Safer Take-offs
    Rotate exactly at rotation speed for maximum obstacle clearance and runway remaining

    Smoother Hand Flying
    Ability to maintain altitude and precision turns by looking outside and seeing position information at the same time

    Minimize Loss-of-Control
    Alignment of critical flight information with pilot's outside view enhances situational awareness and aids in the transition from IMC to VMC and inadvertent VMC to IMC

    Safer Approach/Precision Approach
    Flight path marker with the flight director cue makes hand flying an approach intuitive, easier, smoother and safer. Major reduction in workload, critical in single pilot and/or IMC operations

    More Comfort
    Gone is spatial disorientation, vertigo and nausea from up/down/up head movement to retrieve information while experiencing g-forces in climb out

    Visibility in Smoke/Backup Display
    Provides avionics visibility in a smoke filled cockpit or when a display fails

    In The News

    "Head-Up Flying | HUDs Help Keep Pilots' Eyes Outside The Cockpit"

    "...the SkyDisplay's price, plus installation, is a fraction of the cost of other approved HUDs."

    "An aircraft HUD for the rest of us"

    Matt Thurber  |  ATP, Editor-in-Chief of AIN Publications

    "The SKYDISPLAY HUD is almost identical to the one I fly in large business jets"
    Craig Thighe  |  CFI, CSIP, FAA DPE, Falcon Jet Pilot

    "The SKYDISPLAY HUD became a natural part of my scan. Using the HUD to fly an approach by hand was, by far, the easiest one I had ever flown"
    James Buck  |  Retired Marine Corps Pilot

    "I flew three approaches, perfectly, by hand, with the HUD, without prior approach experience. Amazing!"
    Ric Peri  |  VFR Pilot, VP Government & Industry Affairs, AEA


    "It is easy. It was intuitive. It is the future of GA flight"
    Roger Whittier  |  President, Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association


    We have created a program that provides an attractive introductory price and the first year of MGFCare - for added customer support and software advancement. This promotion is offered for a limited time and for commitments received prior to certification completion. A small deposit holds your position. 

    MGFCare is an annual program that provides software updates and technical support during business hours. We expect to add new features to the HUD system that will enhance safety. The annual cost is 5% of the unit price. Our introductory promotion includes this program at no additional charge for the first year. 

    MGFCare+ includes all the benefits of the MGFCare program with additional replacement coverage if one of the two computers or HUD projection unit should fail. With this program we would send you a temporary unit via Next Day Delivery so your system can be operational while we make the necessary repairs. The annual cost for this program is 10% of the unit price. Upgrade to this program at only 5% of the unit cost with our introductory promotion. 


    Install with a common digital PFD (Garmin, Avidyne, Honeywell, Rockwell, etc): $29,500.

    Install with a system from Aspen Avionics: $15,500.


    Be among the first pilots to fly with a head-up display in general aviation.*

    *Minimum Requirements: A primary flight display for digital ADAHRS (not 6 pack) and for Part 23 aircraft.

    Contact: Charles Schneider
    Email: cschneider@mgfproducts.com
    Phone: 303.364.7400 x111

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