50% off MGF GPS Adapter! Compatible with all Garmin AERA products including the new 760.

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    "Head-Up Flying | HUDs Help Keep Pilots' Eyes Outside The Cockpit"

    "...the SkyDisplay's price, plus installation, is a fraction of the cost of other approved HUDs."


    "An aircraft HUD for the rest of us"
    Matt Thurber  |  ATP, Editor-in-Chief of AIN Publications

    "The SKYDISPLAY HUD is almost identical to the one I fly in large business jets"
    Craig Thighe  |  CFI, CSIP, FAA DPE, Falcon Jet Pilot

    "The SKYDISPLAY HUD became a natural part of my scan. Using the HUD to fly an approach by hand was, by far, the easiest one I had ever flown"
    James Buck  |  Retired Marine Corps Pilot

    "I flew three approaches, perfectly, by hand, with the HUD, without prior approach experience. Amazing!"
    Ric Peri  |  VFR Pilot, VP Government & Industry Affairs, AEA


    "It is easy. It was intuitive. It is the future of GA flight"
    Roger Whittier  |  President, Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association