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    Flex Suction PRO

    Product Description

     Flex Suction PRO - an infinitely articulating and adjustable arm with the ability to hold any iPad or device. The Mount utilizes one vacuum suction cup with a built-in finger pump that informs you if the mount is losing suction. Give it a couple pumps and it is quickly back to full strength.

    Please Note: Due to the vacuum pressure we recommend removing this mount when finished with flight. The vacuum pressure can warp acrylic windows or other smooth surfaces if left too long. 

    Device Holders Sold Separately


    • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
    • 360° Rotation of Device
    • Infinitely Adjustable
    • Vibration Minimized
    • Heads Up Viewing
    • Pilot Installable
    • Certified Shock Tested Up to 20g


    Max Length: 12.25"
    Min Length: 3.75"
    Weight: 18.6 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    I decided If I’m going to buy something I’m going to buy the best so I only have to buy it once and I have to tell you these guys do it RIGHT ! All of the materials are exceptionally high grade, rigid, sleek, and durable. You could buy a low quality mount, kneeboard, and case anywhere trying to “save a couple bucks”, but you’re going to realize it’s garbage and then you’ll end up coming here and buying from mygoflight. I’m 6’2” flying a C172 with my iPad mini and before I rested my iPad on my lap and it would fall off mid flight throwing my pencil nowhere to be found. With this kneeboard and mount I have secure, high quality, professional products that leave the flight deck with room to spare and don’t interfere with my sight picture nor the yolk. FANTASTIC product 100% would recommend.

    High Quality - Perfect Performance

    I purchased the iPhone and universal iPad mounts with the Flex Suction Pro. Very easy to install and remove, and it holds tight in flight. I like that you can actually see the red line if it starts losing suction (mine never has). I also like the flexibility of the bars and mount - I can position the iPad in endless configurations and tighten with just one nut. I can orient my iPad vertically against the side window of a C172 and out of the way of all gauges. Much better than a yoke mount because I can use my full size iPad and keep it even with my line gauge scan. In a power-off emergency, I can quickly swing the iPad over my yoke and gauges to use ForeFlight's attitude display and map. I uploaded my POH and checklists to ForeFlight, too, and I can zoom in each portion of the checklist, which allows a heads up display and keeps me focussed on the correct spot of the checklist. This mount is heavy-duty (the suction cup is righteous). Worth every penny.

    Customer Reviews

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