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    iPad Mini 4/5 - Kneeboard/Mountable Case

    Product Description

    The iPad Kneeboard/Mountable Case serves as an ideal solution for pilots who need to secure their iPad either to their leg or to a mount. Its sleek black polycarbonate design not only offers superior protection but also enhances the feel of the device. This versatile case is suitable for pilots across all types of aircraft, ensuring a seamless transition of the iPad from air to office to home. This product fits the iPad mini 4/5. 

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    • Cockpit Ready
    • Quick Connect
    • 360° Rotation
    • Sport Mount Compatible
    • Smart Cover Compatible

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    If you really need to remove iPad mini 4 from case

    I had an issue trying to remove an iPad mini 4, but here’s the trick that worked for me. Start with the UPPER LEFT corner using a rubber jar lid remover. Using your thumb on the front corner edge and fingers on back using slow firm upward and outward pressure. Once it releases, carefully do the same on upper right corner using less force (because it has the camera hole that makes it weaker), then the case will easily pull from the remaining long clamp areas.

    James Burley
    Customer Service and Experimentation Resolved My Issue!

    About a week ago, I submitted a one-star review, "Cannot Remove iPad From Case", explaining how I'd found it difficult, if not impossible, to "safely" remove my iPad Mini from this case, and couldn't find an explanation or instructions anywhere.

    Customer Service got back to me soon afterwards, explaining that this case " designed to be a fixed case, meaning you would leave it on the iPad at all times".

    Further, they suggested I try their Universal cradle, and offered to exchange it for me.

    I took them up on their offer, and as of today, received the new cradle, which works great! I'll be shipping back the original case shortly, using the return label they sent.

    Tomorrow we plan to fly (a rented Diamond DA40) somewhere fun for our weekly "aviation day-cation", and I look forward to having my iPad Mini mounted, instead of "free" on my leg or in my hand. I'm confident this Universal cradle, in combination with the MyGoFlight Suction Cup Mount, will work beautifully.

    In the meantime, I did figure out a way to (with some effort and sturdy fingernails) safely remove my iPad from the case, and made a video, in case it'd help anyone else out:

    (The video is still being processed as of this writing, so please be patient.)

    Thanks to MyGoFlight for its excellent customer service!

    Great case...,until you need to remove it

    Love the case and the MGF mounts. I had no complaint until it came time to remove my mini from the case to move it to a folio case. Then it was absolutely impossible to remove no matter how hard I tried to get it out. At this point I am actually afraid I will break the screen by flexing it as I try to remove the ipad from the case.

    If you don’t think you will ever need to remove your ipad from the case, it is a great purchase. Otherwise, exercise caution.

    It works

    I've been searching for a solution for my use for a while now. The MyGoFlight case fits the iPad well, and can be used as a kneeboard or with the MGF sport mount too. When mounted in the sport mount the iPad is secure and can be rotated 360 degrees.
    The only complaint I have is that the strap for the kneeboard is less than impressive, it's a very thin elastic with velcro sewn to each end and a pencil loop. It feels like an afterthought to me.

    Mark Kurzinski
    iPad Mini 4 kneeboard sport

    I have to start off this review saying that I'm very pleased with this kneeboard. I would've given it a 5 star rating had it come with a different securing device around your leg. Currently, the strap is a nylon band with large bands of Velcro sewn on to hold it securely to your leg. I find it a bit awkward to lift my leg and get the two ends of the Velcro to meet, especially in a small cockpit. The straps are a bit askew and sometimes it takes a few tries to line them up. However, the straps haven't come off yet in flight when they weren't perfectly aligned with each other. It’s possible over time as the Velcro wears out, that might happen. By then a new iPad will be out that has different dimensions and will facilitate the need for a new kneeboard design!
    I think an adjustable ABS plastic buckle would work much better and be more user friendly at securing it to your leg. Maybe Mygoflight will read this and come up with a strap 2.0 option! The only problem I could see is how one would thread the buckle attachments (there would need to be 2 of them) though the opening in the rails on the rear of the kneeboard.
    Other than that minor inconvenience, the rest of the kneeboard is superior than any other kneeboard I have used. The plastic cradle the iPad sits in holds it perfectly and snugly. There's no way under normal G's that it could pop out. They also ensured the cutouts for the microphone, camera and sensor and volume switches aligned perfectly. The magnetic smart cover works flawlessly with it to. The metal rails on the back that the leg strap slides through are very secure and they even thought to put rubber nipples on it to keep it from sliding around.
    All in all a very well thought out product. Once the iPad Mini 5 comes, I will be interested in seeing what mygoflight comes up with. If the Mini 5 has significant advancements in technology, I might consider purchasing it. Otherwise I would wait until the 6! At any rate, their kneeboards will be the only ones attached to my leg if they keep producing quality products like this.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews Write a review

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