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    Rock Steady Strut/Skid GoPro Ball Mount w/ Poly UV Strap

    Product Description

    Rock Steady Strut / Skid Base w/ Poly UV Strap

    The Rock Steady Universal Strut Base is a quality all metal machined aluminum base. The strut base fits any size aircraft spreader bar, bi-plane strut, or wing strut from a J-3 to a Caravan. The simple clean design straps firmly to your wing strut without using bulky blocks or bolts.
    The Poly UV Strap is made of a super tough stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive. The 20″ universal strap wraps any strut. This design allows multiple attachment points giving you top security. This also eliminates left over strap hanging off the mount you don’t know what to do with. This temporary yet secure strap is perfect for the person flying a variety of aircraft allowing quick and easy attachment and removal of any sized strut or tubing.
    The Universal Strut Base is compatible with all Rock Steady mounts.

    Device Holders Sold Separately


    • Versatile all metal ball mount for GoPro & Garmin cameras.
    • Unique GoPro adapter with over 180 degrees of swivel.\
    • Limitless adjustment ball and socket.
    • All aluminum billet strut base with strong UV resistant poly strap.
    • Universally fits any size strut from a J-3 to a Caravan.
    • FAA friendly temporary.

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