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    UltraThin iPad Panel Mount

    Product Description

    The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount is a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum mounting system docks and seamlessly integrates your Apple iPad into your aircraft instrument panel. Once Panel Mount is installed, fully connect to power and audio in seconds.

    The UltraThin iPad Panel Mount is mounted on the surface of the panel using four screws for maximum security and reliability. It can also be mounted using the included VHB adhesive.


    • No Large Cutout Required
    • Maintain Integrity and Strength of the Panel
    • Fits in Tight Spaces
    • Zero Protrusion Behind the Panel.
    • Keep Your iPad Cool
    • Keep iPad Charged
    • Adaptable to Future iPad 

    *VFR use only. Installation in experimental aircraft authorized. Consult your local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and FAA AC-138 for recommended installation approval in certified aircraft.


    Portrait: Yes
    Landscape: Yes
    Weight: 15.5 oz

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